Wednesday, January 2, 2008

uISV Class '07 January Grades

Well its a new year and a new month. Here's last months results for a reference point. I noticed that WebSiteGrader has gone through a major overhaul. I'll need to dig into it to see what the changes are, but that's another post. Here is how we are all doing:

SiteScorePage Rank (was
joelmarcey.com784 N/AN/A

Wow. Great improvements across the board. I'm not sure if the underlying scoring algorithm change along with the UI to WebSiteGrader. Its hard to tell. I did not see any discussion on their blog. If anyone knows the details, please let me know.

Lokad is nearing perfection with a slight improvement to 98! But I think the bigger news is Keith Alperin of Helium Foot moving up 33 points to a 72 and Joel Marcy moving up 30 points to 78. Huge improvements. Congratulations to both of you. If either of you (or anyone else on the list) made any changes in the last month that helped improved your score, please let the rest of us know so we can try to do the same. The average improvement was 16.5 points so we are doing some things right. The other possibility is that more people with bad sites are using WebSiteGrader which is making us look better by comparison.

All and all I think we are off to a good start in 2008. I'll run the scores again next month.


Ian said...

Having someone keep track of us every month is a good incentive to keep improving!

I noticed that a lot of the things that WebSiteGrader looks for depend heavily on your CMS. I started with WordPress and even completely empty sites get a score of about 38. I'm suspect that this is a positive reflection on WordPress - a lot of the things that search engines (and hence WebSiteGrader) look for are default on WordPress.

Chris said...

I think you are right about that. By default wordpress (and other blogs) are set up for better than average SEO which reflects in the score.

Joel Marcey said...

Hi Chris,

Hope things are well.

Not much change on my part. Announcing my ideas probably bumped me up a bit. I imagine given my move and the holidays my lack of posts recently might bring me back down a bit.

Chris said...

Hi Joel,
Nice to hear you made it across the country in one piece. I don't know how much lack of posts affects the score. I think it does to some degree, but I don't think a lot. I could be wrong about that though. We'll find out next month.

Joannes said...

For those interested, Lokad is relying on to power its website. I have found that having a good flexible CMS is a great help to improve your SEO score.

Hope it helps,
Joann├Ęs from Lokad

Keith Alperin said...

Hi Chris, sorry for the late reply, i just noticed that you posted a january WebSiteGrader update. The big change for us since the beginning of december is that we launched our first product and did a PR blitz to go with it. The PR campaign was very successful in that it generated a lot of inbound links (and some sales, too 8- ). So the only advice i can give is to get noticed which will in turn get you links. We're a Mac shop, so we released our press release via which got us coverage in many of the major online Mac outlets. However, your mileage may vary.

This monthly grading project has been very enlightening; thanks so much for doing it! I just subscribed to your blog, so i'll be able stay in touch.

All the best,
Keith from Helium Foot Software

Chris said...

Hi Keith,
Great to hear about the success of your PR campaign (and the sales.) I've been following some of it through your blog. How was the results of the sponsorship of Daring Fireball? I'm interesting to see if you had any success with it. I thought it was a very smart way to stretch your marketing dollars.

I'll have the next rounds of grades up soon. Probably early next week. I know I finally got a page rank, so I'm interested to see how everyone else is doing.